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New Shopping Processes

Caring Well/Staying Well

Cedarville University Bookstore

NEW Shopping

The University Bookstore has put in place new practices that will need to be observed as we seek to follow physical distancing guidelines. Outlined below are changes you will need to be aware of as you come back to campus.

Course Materials

All textbook pickup, purchase, and return transactions will be conducted outside of the physical store. There are hallways that surround the store that will be utilized for all textbook transactions. 

Order Online

Ordering online is the best way for you to avoid waiting in lines. Using, you can comparison-shop the bookstore with online competitors. In-stock orders are filled within 24 to 48 hours of the placement of the order.

Schedule a time to pick up your order

We are introducing a scheduling system to shorten lines and aid in physical distancing measures. Students will receive an email when books are filled with a link to schedule a pickup time. You can adjust the time by going back into the link and changing it if needed. Please help us to shorten lines by utilizing this system for course materials purchases.

Exterior Store Lines 

    • Line 1—Online orders will be picked up at a window located in the hallway between the post office and the bookstore. To access this line you must follow the floor graphics beginning between Stingers and the Bookstore. Follow the floor graphics around the exterior of the Bookstore to the window utilizing the physical distancing markers as you wait in line.
    • Line 2—Textbook purchases, returns, and questions will be handled at a register which is also located on the perimeter of the store. Using floor graphics which also start between Stingers and the Bookstore. It is highly recommended that you use the online ordering system for all course materials purchases to minimize your wait time.

Merchandise Shopping


    • The store occupancy will be limited to 35 customers. Staff will be positioned at the entrance and exit of the store to ensure compliance.


    • The State of Ohio, at the time of development of this document, has a mandatory mask policy in place for all public spaces unless there is a medical exception.

Exterior Store Line

    • There will be a line marked with floor graphics for entrance to the store. If the line is full at the time you arrive, please consider returning later or placing an order for your gear on our website

Dressing Rooms

    • Dressing rooms are closed. For the protection of all guests we are asking that customers refrain from trying on apparel.